Auckland Baby Lambskin Blankets


Auckland Baby Lambskin Blankets is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Auckland's baby health line is made with an emphasis toward infant health, growth and comfort. Merino wool provides the foundation of your child's favorite baby blanket.

Auckland merino wool acts as a natural thermostat, keeping your baby warm in the winter while they remain cool all summer. A comfortable sleep for everyone all year round.

Sheepskin products offer a wide range of advantages over similar commodities made from other materials:

Warm in winter, cool in summer. The warmth concept is easy to comprehend; the cool is summer slogan still puzzles many people today. Merino wool is very breathable and absorbent which allows for a cool dry comfort all summer long on a mattress cover, car seat cover, or shaggy rug.

Full covering shearling (wool still attached to the skin) is warmer than any other material; however, it is still breathable and able to absorb over 30% its own weight in moisture before ever feeling damp.

These lambskins have trimmed wool and are treated, chemically free.

Baby lambskins are approximately 45cm wide by 90cm in length.

Machine washable