Ultimate Mum Snuggle Up Pillow


Ultimate Mum Snuggle Up Pillow is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Snuggle Up “6 in 1” Features

1. Better Sleep
2. Fully converts to the Best Nursing and Feeding pillow
3. Recovery from Lower Back Pains and Strains
4. Help re-align lower pelvic area during sleep
5. A Personal Lounger for much needed Rest and Relaxation and a perfect Baby lounger
6. Great for multiple births

The Snuggle Up “6 in 1” Pregnancy, Body and Nursing/Feeding Pillow, is the only pillow you will ever need during your pregnancy, post natal period and long after you have had your babies.

This U shaped luxury body pillow provides extreme soothing comfort and support for you and your baby. The “U” shaped design provides full baby bump support which alleviates strain on your lower back while resting / sleeping and further provides recovery from pain and strain in lower pelvic area. This assures you better sleep, the thing you need most of all during your pregnancy and post natal period. The Snuggle Up 6 in 1 pillow also easily converts into the most comfortable nursing / feeding pillow by simply raising one side of the pillow and wrapping the pillow arms in front of yourself for nursing or feeding. With it’s unique “U” shape it is also ideal for multiple births nursing and feeding.

Superior Comfort Fill (Non Allergenic) Ultimate Mum Pillows are filled with a Siliconized Hollow Fiber Fill Technology.  These tiny fiber filaments glide and float seamlessly in each of our pillows. Comfortfill are thousands of siliconized polyester fibers moving independently, creating a natural, luxurious loft. Comfortfill retains its fluffiness and loft after many uses.

Includes a bamboo terry HealthGuard cover so your pillow will never need washing or drying, therefore will always retain its fullness and never cluster or migrate.