Glitter & Spice Adventure Awaits Sleep Sack

Glitter & Spice’s ultra-soft 100% organic jersey cotton Baby Sleep Bags are designed with a focus on functionality, safety and style. With no blankets to kick off, your baby will stay safe and at a comfy temperature throughout the night.

When it comes to the bedtime routine, your baby’s familiarity with putting on the Baby Sleep Bag will provide him/her with a sense of security and confidence, in addition to the understanding that it is time for bed, even when away from home.

Glitter & Spice Baby Sleep Bags are available in 3 sizes and 2 Togs. A Tog is a warmth rating measurement - the higher the tog, the warmer the product. When deciding on the best tog rating to use, consider the clothes your baby is wearing, and the temperature in your baby’s bedroom.


High-quality YKK zippers and snaps
Shoulder snaps on all sizes, and underarm snaps on 0-6m size
Side zipper makes dressing, transferring a sleeping baby and changing a diaper easier
Zip-click feature stops adventurous little ones from opening their zips
Zip guard to prevent rubbing
All Glitter & Spice Baby Sleep Bags are "bagged-out" which improves the quality, safety, and appearance of our Sleep Bag.
No seams against the skin

100% organic jersey cotton. Machine wash cold, hang to dry or tumble dry low.