Bravado Reusable Leak Resistant Nursing Pads

Free yourself from leaks and feel comfortable all day, all night. Designed in a versatile half-moon silhouette to provide protection and beautiful shape. The Reusable Leak Resistant Nursing Pads have been engineered with 3 protective layers of technology to keep you dry without feeling bulky. Interior wicking layer sits close against your skin to keep you dry, center layer of absorbent foam, and tightly knit exterior layer to protect clothing.

Contoured, discreet, light. Rotate the positioning depending on your bra style of the day. Oeko-Tex materials certified to be toxin-free. Washable and reusable so it’s good for you and Mother Earth.

Absorbs up to 20ml over 6-8 hours

Includes 4 pads (2 pairs)

One size fits most

100% Polyester lining, polyurethane foam inner. Machine washable.