Earth Mama Raspberry Leaf Tea


 Let's be real here, your uterus deserves some love. After all, she's where the real magic happens. And this tea was developed to nurture you, support period cramps, and support healthy lady times.

Raspberry leaf is a nourishing source of vitamins and minerals. It's especially helpful during your third trimester of pregnancy and during the postpartum period. But it can also provide some comfort for your regular period. With carotenes, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C complex, niacin, thiamine and trace minerals, red raspberry leaf is often known as the pregnancy herb. So soak in that herbal goodness, and don't worry—it's formulated to use while breastfeeding.

Sustainable goodness

Earth Mama Organics prioritizes organic ingredients and non-toxic formulas in order to focus on the health, happiness, and safety of all women.

Made with Organic Red Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) Leaf.