Frida Mom Catch-All-Pads 18 Pack


There’s nothing low-key about postpartum discharge in those first few weeks after giving birth. We designed these super-absorbent maxi pads to catch all the blood clots, bladder leaks and everything in between that comes 1-2 weeks post baby's arrival - after a vaginal or C-Section delivery.

  • MAXIMUM ABSORBANCY: Ultra-flow protection with 6 layers
  • INNOVATIVE SIDE WALLS: Designed with leakproof side walls to catch and hold all discharge
  • FULL COVERAGE: Vag to tush coverage for extra comfort
  • CASHMERE SOFT: Pillowy soft top layer for comfort + cushioning
  • WATERPROOF: The bottom layer is a waterproof safety net
  • NO BS INGREDIENTS: Made without fragrance, chlorine + die
  • CONTENTS: 18 count
  • INGREDIENTS: wood pulp cellulose,* polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic acid polymer sodium salt, water, spandex, polyurethane, polylactic acid,* calcium carbonate, adhesive, back release paper *naturally (or plant) derived