Frida Mom Disposable C-Section Briefs


Mesh-free, mess-free recovery wear that stretches even more than you have, yet won’t roll down over the incision. Soft, seamless and breathable to keep pads (and everything else) in place, without squeezing or pulling. Convenient 8-pack.

​• ​Super stretchy all over: More flexible than your prenatal yoga teacher, these undies are designed to keep pads (and all other recovery layers) in place without compromising comfort.
​• ​Made of microfiber and spandex: Super soft, breathable, mesh-free and latex-free (versus the see-through, fishnet-like pair from the hospital).
​• High-waist brief cut: Designed to hold the layers of relief in place - with a higher waistband that won’t roll down over your incision - starting with immediate postpartum recovery through the first 6 weeks of recovery.