Revive 3in1 Postpartum Support


The Revive 3in1 Postpartum Support is a series of three bands, targeted to help support your stomach, hips, and pelvis. Made to be soft to touch without causing skin irritation. Using breathable and elastic mesh, it contours perfectly around your body to support your abdominal muscles, provide gentle compression, corrects posture, and speed postpartum healing with maximum comfort.

First Week After Birth
Your belly calls for immediate support. Wear the Stomach Belt to provide a steady, snug hug to your abdomen. The belt provides a solid belly wrap that holds it together to ease any swelling, prevent sagging, and aid your mobility.

1-6 Weeks After Birth
Wear the Stomach Belt, followed by the Waist Belt to provide the much-needed lumbar support during breastfeeding and relieve back pain. If you are recovering from diastasis recti, the use of two belts also helps close the gaps between your abdominal muscles.

7-12 Weeks After Birth:

Now is the perfect time to wear all three: the Stomach Belt, the Waist Belt, and the Pelvis Belt. This combination will help tighten your pelvic joints, strengthen your core and help support your postpartum recovery.